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Talent Communities: What Every Recruiter Needs to Know

An engaged candidate pipeline is key to your company’s
long-term recruitment strategy. To successfully attract these candidates, a talent community is the first step to authentically capture their interest.

In this guide you will learn:

  • How to save time sourcing candidates

  • How to create a talent community growth plan

  • The touch points you need to stay top of mind with passive candidates



Talent Community Client Success Story

Why  petsmartgrey-nospace.png  Created Branded Talent Communities to Reach Four Core Audiences


"PetSmart chose to implement branded talent communities to build an audience-specific, robust candidate pipeline. Through Yello's platform, we created four talent communities with more than 33,000 candidates to reach our core audiences: retail, corporate, distribution and emerging talent. The reach these communities offer and the support Yello provides means we don't have to source from scratch each time we go out to market; we have a built-in, engaged audience. We could not be more appreciative of the time and cost savings."

- PetSmart Talent Acquisition Team


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